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We supply the electronic components you need fast, on time at a competitive price. Refresh your supply chain today.

Who We Are

Compsoluk are a leading supply business to suit all electronic component users, from Prototype to Production, small to major corporate companies. Our experience spans over 30 years in the industry and extends from basic supply demands to supporting  new design aspects and build elements. We have purchasing agreements with many global Manufacturers

Key partners


How We Do It

Our purchasing agreements with global manufacturers and leading brands enable us to supply new and original parts to our clients. We can also source ‘hard to find’ and obsolete parts when needed via our global network. We have agents in China, Europe & the USA and we offer highly competitive prices compared to Franchised Distribution, with products coming directly from the Manufacturers, RoHS Compliant, with full traceability, all current date codes, all products are new and fully guaranteed

As we buy from source often our pricing will save 25% compared to UK Franchised Distribution! We combine all weekly customer orders into two UPS shipments from our Asia and Europe warehouses which we receive every Tuesday and then ship the same day to the end user on a UPS overnight service.

The maximum waiting time from receiving a stock line is 7 days. If you order up to the weekly cut-off point on a Thursday 4.00 pm, it could be as short as 48 hours

Kitting Service

With our one-shop solution let us take away the hassle of buying. We will kit fully your bill of materials & present ready for production. Semiconductors / Capacitors / Connectors / Relays / Resistors the full bill of materials is delivered on time every time

Compsoluk has a packing facility that is a static-free environment, ensuring all our components are risk-free and fully functional from order to delivery, 30 day trading accounts are available subject to approval

The service is great, test us out, It takes one enquiry to impress so try us today if it’s time to refresh your supply chain.

All enquiries replied to by return  please email [email protected]  or call 01948 302100 or 01782 366136 

  • Microprocessor and Memory Specialist
  • Spot Market Orders (Global Sourcing, Shortages, Obsolete, Allocation)
  • Franchise Distributor (Factory supported Component Sales supplied direct from China)
  • Strategic Purchasing (Last time buy, safety stock)
  • Scheduled Orders (On-going production fulfilment  Goods delivered on time when you need them )
  • Kitting & Vendor Reduction (Complete Stock Purchasing Programme)

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