Dahua DeepHub Lite Education DHI-LPH75-ST470-B 75 Inch Interactive Smart Whiteboard

Dahua DeepHub Lite Education DHI-LPH75-ST470-B 75 Inch Interactive Smart Whiteboard, 4K Display, Android 11, Speakers, HDMI, USB-C, WiFi and Ethernet.


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Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard for education has powerful processing capabilities with its 8-core CPU, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage capacity. Equipped with a high-precision infrared frame with a 2mm identification diameter, and a 4K DLED panel, this whiteboard will give you an extraordinary experience with writing, controlling the whiteboard and displaying content on it.

It features wireless screen sharing, file management, HD display, scan and go, and more AI functions to enhance your experience. You can rely on this whiteboard to modernize your meeting rooms and classrooms.

75-inch 4K DLED display with Zero Air Gap technology that delivers a clear image in sharp, vivid colors.
Wireless screen sharing from multiple devices with an intuitive, easy-to-use system.
8 physical front buttons for quick access to functions.
Smooth writing experience, and handwriting recognition.
Quick file sharing by scanning a QR code, with easy file encryption for added privacy and security.
Switches between Android and Windows, and OPS module is optional.

Educational Tools Compatibility
Effectively assists teachers in each teaching phase, including easy lesson preparation, interesting class organization and in-time performance assessments. It encourages students to fully participate in class activities such as video, games, quiz, etc., and inspires them to explore.

Hidden Antenna Design
The Wi-Fi and hotspot antenna is neatly concealed in the front of the device, ensuring the stability of the signal strength when using a flush mount, and giving the device its simple and sleek appearance.

Screen Sharing
The content on your screen can be freely shared with one other device through a wired connection.

Wireless Screen Sharing
In addition to basic file sharing, the device offers wireless screen sharing, interactive operations between two screens, and reverse transmissions. It also supports screen grouping (multiple transmission), host mode (for overall permission control), real-time transmission of images, videos and audios from the wireless camera of the mobile phone to the device, and split-screen mode that displays up to 9 splits on the same screen.

Similar to Real Writing Experience
The electronic whiteboard supports pen-point writing. It comes equipped with specialized pressure-sensitive writing pens, designed to enhance the writing experience. With its soft, comfortable nib, writing on the whiteboard feels natural, similar to the real writing experience.

Easy to Share
Enhances the experience of sharing files by scanning a code. It automatically determines the network of the device to readily share the QR code across the extranet and the intranet. QR code encryption and extraction are also featured, providing privacy and data security through the required entry of a 6-digit password for verification.

Text Recognition
Converts written letters into text in real time, using the default font of the system.

AI Recognition of Drawings
Identifies hand-drawn structures such as straight lines, arrow-straight lines, arrow-dotted lines, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, rectangles, pentagons, circles, cylinders, pentagrams, semicircles and ellipses.

File Management
Supports managing and using Office files, image, video and audio files, and file formats such as PDF and TXT.

The whiteboard is ideal for indoor sites such as meeting rooms and classrooms.


Built-in System

Operating System
Android 11

Quad-core A73 + Quad-core A53

4 GB (optional 8 GB)

32 GB (optional 64 GB)

LCD Panel

Panel Dimensions
75 inch


Aspect Ratio

400 cd/m²(typ.)


3840 x 2160

Viewing Angle
178°(H) / 178°(V)

50,000 hours

Display Color
1.07B/10bit (8bit+FRC)

Response Time
8 ms(typ.)

Refresh Rate
60 Hz

Device Ports

Light Sensor

Front Button
8 buttons (power, home, menu, signal source, tact lock, curtain, volume, and annotation)

Front Ports
Type C x 1 (4K@60 Hz, Touch)
HDMI In x 1 (4K@60 Hz)
USB 3.0 Type-B x 1 (Touch)
USB 3.0 Type A x 2
Mic In x 1 (3.5 mm port)

Rear Port
Type C x 1 (4K@60 Hz, Touch)
HDMI In x 2 (4K@60 Hz)
VGA In x 1 (1080p@60 Hz)
USB 3.0 Type-B x 3 (Touch)
HDMI Out x 1
USB 3.0 Type A x 2
Micro USB x 1
RS-232 x 1
RJ45 In x 1
RJ45 Out x 1
Audio In x 1 (3.5 mm port, used to play sound with VGA)
Audio Out x 1 (3.5 mm port)
SPDIF Out x 1 (Optical port)
OPS slot x 1


IR Receiver

Bluetooth 5.2

WIFI 5, 2.4 GHz/5 GHz; Integrated WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac, supports PEAP/EAP-GTC authentication protocol within 802.lX

Wireless Access Point
WIFI 5, 2.4 GHz/5 GHz; Supports enabling Hotspot and Wi-Fi at the same time


Touch Technology Type
Infrared touch technology

Attachment Method
Zero Air Gap

Response Time
=10 ms

Touch Points
Andriod: 32, Windows: 40

Touch Accuracy
± 1 mm (over 90% Area)

Valid Touch
2 mm

Touch Height
3 mm

Writing Mode
Finger + Pen

Communication Mode

Anti-light Interference
Anti-dazzle tempered glass

Surface Hardness

Touch Resolution
32767 x 32767


Built-in Speaker

2.0 sound channel, Front facing: 2 x 15 W


Power Supply
100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption
75-inch: 150 W(typ.); 300 W(max.)

Standby Power Consumption
=0.5 W

Operating Temperature
0 °C to +40 °C (+32 °F to +104 °F)

Storage Temperature
–10 °C to +50 °C (+14 °F to +122 °F)

Operating Humidity
10%–90% (RH)

Storage Humidity
10%–90% (RH)

Product Material

4 mm Anti-dazzle tempered glass

Casing Color (Frame/Rear)
Bottom/top: Silver; left/right: black; back: black

Product Dimensions
75-inch: 1,707.5 mm x 93.0 mm x 1,050.0 mm (67.22″ x 3.66″ x 41.34″)

Packaging Dimensions
75-inch: 1,800.0 mm x 200.0 mm x 1,165.0 mm (70.87″ x 7.87″ x 45.87″)

Net Weight
75-inch: 52 kg (114.64 lb)

Gross Weight
75-inch: 65 kg (143.30 lb)

Holes Distance
75-inch: 600 mm x 400 mm (23.62″ x 15.75″)

Wall mount; mobile bracket

Packing List
Smart interactive whiteboard x 1
Power cord x 1
Passive stylus pen x 2
HDMI cable x 1
Quick start guide x 1
Wall mount bracket (already installed on the whiteboard) x 1
Accessory package x 1
Remote control x 1
Legal and Regulatory Information x 1


CE, Engery Star, ROHS, REACH, WEEE

Additional information

Weight 64 kg

Screen Size


Operating System



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